Our Services


We offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Business Growth Strategies
  • New Product Development
  • Technology Selection
  • Marketing Process Improvement
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Management and Reporting Strategies


Our software implementations include:

  • Detailed Product Designs
  • Usability and Interface Optimization
  • Interaction Design and Web Design
  • Software Development, programming in Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Spoutcore, iPhone applications, HTML and more
  • Managed Services and Hosting (when applicable)
  • Database Applications

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Please contact us at: contact@insightmethods.com

Comprehensive Analysis

When hiring Insight Methods, you get more than a talented design and development team. With every project, we focus on understanding your business needs, market dynamics, and competitive landscape, both current and future. Whether we’re recommending a process redesign, improved data tracking or a new software tool, we want you to still find our solution extremely valuable years later.

Client-Centered Design

We’ve designed our own processes to effectively and time-efficiently include client participation at critical points in the design process. These points include initial research and evaluations, concept evaluations and prototype testing, as well as testing the developed products. With testing and evaluation early on, your custom solutions can be validated (and possibly modified) before the investment is made in implementation. With our Client-Centered process, you get a better and faster solution.

Agile Approach

We’re agile, and we want to help you to be agile as well, even if you are a division of a Fortune 500 company. Having the right technology and processes to achieve a quicker time to market or to collect customer feedback faster or to process transactions more quickly, etc. gives you the advantage you need now. And it will make your company much more adaptive to external changes and challenges while enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Technology as a differentiator

Choosing the right technology has a direct impact on the immediate costs, time-to-market, agility, and future scalability. Because we have experience with a wide range of programming languages and technology, we can recommend a solution that helps you best manage costs, or launch soonest, or scale easiest. Your priorities are our priorities.

We work with newer technologies like Ruby on Rails, Javascript frameworks like Sproutcore, traditional databases like MySql as well contemporary approaches like CouchDB. The platforms we like working on include Web and iPhone.